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3 Characteristics Of Quality Curl-Cutting Shears

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If you want to become a sought-after stylist, it’s imperative that you are prepared for any client that sits in your chair. An estimated 15% of people from European descent have curly hair, so you are likely to see some curly-haired heads in your salon. It can be challenging to work with curly hair, but having access to the right tools will make it easier to give your clients the style they are looking for. Read More»

3 Tips For Applying For Financial Aid For Cosmetology School

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Cosmetology school is a good place to learn the building blocks of what is necessary in order to work as a professional cosmetologist. The school will teach you new techniques and concepts in order to excel in your field of study. While cosmetology school offers a good learning environment for students that are interested in the beauty field, it can be costly. With the cost of tuition, books, and materials, cosmetology school is an investment that not everyone can afford. Read More»